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I spent almost a decade working out, trying to get in shape. The picture on the left was the best it got me. Then, I learned how to cut through all the misinformation on the internet, and apply the commonsense principles of diet and fitness to getting in shape. I had great success, and want to lead people through the same process (a “cut”)¬†from January 15-April 15. I’ll be taking a group of people who want to get in shape (everyone welcome!) through the exact same principles that I practiced to go from 240 to 190 in about 12 weeks, while increasing a little bit in muscle size:


Anybody can join the cut (watch the intro video here)! Next Monday (Jan 9), I’m going to release 8-10 one-minute videos that explain everything you need to know about how to pull off a healthy, successful cut. These aren’t “hacks” or “tricks,” but the ignored commonsense principles that most writing and video on fitness avoid. The videos will be public (Insta, Facebook, Twitter), and I’ll do video updates for all Q&A.

However, if you want to get private help (12 weeks of availability for any Q&A, diet help, lifting advice, etc.), email me at paulcmaxwell@gmail.com. I’m only going to do private coaching with 10 people, so let me know if that’s something you might need! Look forward to hearing from you.